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STARLIVENEWS  combines the best of both creative and technology to provide a stimulating environment for mavericks and the serious minded. Come to a place where the doors are open for fresh ideas, consumer insights, and disruptive creative thinking. Bring with you more than we already have and help us grow.

Starlivenews is language portal in News and Entertainment category. It caters to a wide variety of internet users by delivering content in the areas of News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Automobiles, Gadgets etc., in Tamil language

About Starlivenews, the Limitless Living! It’s a one-website solution for your every lifestyle problems. It has 9 sections that cater to your every lifestyle need, which is Home & Garden, Employment, Health & Beauty, Relationships, Sports, Fashion, Cookery, Spirituality, Pregnancy & Parenting.

Suggestions are always welcomed, we don’t have to say that, do we?



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